DILIGENT under sail in Lake Worth

Our Approach

With many years of experience we are able to adapt to each customers needs. Whether you want to restore a boat or upgrade we will work with you to accomplish you plan.

Our Story

Hank Hinckley has been involved in building and repairing boats since the early 60s. Growing up in a boat building family provided an excellent training opportunity for a hands on builder and designer. Now Hank works with his daughter Sarah mostly doing restoration work on Hinckleys, Ocean Cruising Yachts and Great Harbor Yachts or any well built older boat. We have the molds to build new Great Harbor 26s as well as the smaller GH10 and GH12+.

Located in Wilmington, NC we are easily reached by car, plane or boat. Stop by and see what we are working on.

Meet the Team

Hank Hinckley

Hank has been building and servicing boats for well over 50 years. Coming from a boat building family, he has run his own operations for many years and has accumulated a deep knowledge of boats and their care.

Sarah Hinckley

Sarah has been working with her father for over 10 years. She specializes in finishes, paint, varnish and topcoats.